Scales Are Bastards

I am not one to complain about my weight. In fact, I don’t even think I’m allowed to complain about my weight because bigger girls automatically blow me off. Listen, bigger girls, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but no one is completely happy with their weight (except maybe guys). We’re all too bony or too fat or too misproportioned or too bow-legged or too small-titted or too whatever the hell else. 

I was luckily among the very few who managed to escape the society-spewed weight myths that bombard women daily. I never thought my body was perfect, but I was happily indifferent. I’ve never been to the gym. I’ve never even been on a diet. 

Still, I had problems with my weight, and I don’t mean the psychological kind. I became really thin at one point. I hadn’t done anything to provoke the weight loss. It just happened. When I looked in the mirror after showering, I was grossed out by the sight of my protruding ribs. I wasn’t ecstatic with how I looked, but I didn’t do anything to change it. Strangely, I accepted it.

A year later, my stomach worms or whatever caused my boniness subsided, and I looked normal again. I had curves and boobs and a non Skeletor-like face and I was happy.

That was a few years ago. I honestly don’t feel like I’ve gained any weight since then. I was under the impression that it had stabilized.

Well, my mom just came back from Toronto with a brand spankin’ new scale. I can’t remember the last time I weighed myself; it must have been around ten years ago. She asked me to try it out. I said, “No, go away” but she begged me. I gave in.

The scale said 130. 

That might not mean shit to anyone but it for some reason broke my spirit. I’m suddenly sad. Maybe society did get to me. Should I finally go on a diet? Should I Google thinspiration pictures? Should I “work out”? 

Of course, I will do none of these things. I am eating a pogo as I type this. Still, what I’m trying to say is that scales skew the way you view yourself. Our self worth should not be affected by the results on these damn contraptions; beauty isn’t determined by numbers. I feel at least ten pounds lighter than that thing said I am. I refuse to be bullied.




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  3. Omg.. It’s that 1-3-0 that broke my heart too!

    Why is it that no matter what we weigh, there’s always something wrong with us. There’s so many other standards in our heads other than numbers. The numbers just make us feel that what we look like doesn’t matter if we weigh that much.

    When I was 85 lbs. Yes, 85 lbs! It was my fat ass. No matter what I weigh I have a big ass.

    But what do I do, I stock my fridge with ice cream, buy an exercise video and try to tell myself it’s not just to stare at Carmen Elektra, and try to eat better only to grab that carton of ice cream when I’m left unsatisfied with food.. or life in general.

    At first I think it’s society and magazines making us feel this way. Then I think about how magazines tell me fur and fringe are cool but I don’t run out to buy them. It’s the other way around. It’s all me, us. If we can ever find a way to accept ourselves… to not see every flaw in ourselves… to not compare ourselves with everything we see… maybe we will become a society of acceptance? It seems to be a catch-22, a chicken or the egg.

  4. I guess weight is just an other one of those those badtrip-details us girls always have to worrie about & deal with right?
    I’ve always been skinny, never over 105lbs but over the past year it’s been getting worse and worse.
    After an unfortunate event in June 07, breaking my knee cap that is… My weight shifted from 3 to 2 digits in the span of a month. I looked like a dying puppy…
    Skipped out on pretty much my entire summer, so I was as pale as a cancer patient and ’till this day I find I still look disgustingly skinny. Ribs, shoulder blades, spine and all… Worse of all; my right leg is half the size of my left leg. 1 year and 3 days have passed since the day of my operation and only recently have I regained my colors (thank the lord for my 10-day vacation in Florida,) however my leg size isn’t getting any better. I’ve quit smoking cigarettes (EUREKA,) and have been porking out day and night lately. I bought myself a 6 pack of chocolate milk 2 days ago.. None left today. I’ve become choco-holic it’s crazy! & I feel some gaps getting filled in the none-existent belly of mine at last.. unfortunately IT’S THE ONLY THING GAINING WEIGHT.

  5. Martial

    I usually go by the following rules when watching my weight

    Weigh in every day
    Intake as much water as possible
    Go on long walks
    Get lots of sleep
    Eat many small meals a day

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