My Beef With Budweiser

I have to rant a little bit today. I’ll keep it short and sweet. Promise.

A few mornings ago, as I was on the escalator at Lucien L’Allier metro, I noticed a big ass Bud Camp billboard with three horribly Photoshopped girls staring back at me. I cringed and moved along. That same day, as I was goinBUD CAMPg down the escalator on my way home, I noticed that the poster was staring at me again – except this time it was on the opposite wall. I now have to see these bimbos twice a day. Honestly, I’m transfixed by these ads. I just stand there staring at them, looking like a zombie, completely puzzled. The reason for my hatred is two fold. First of all, the Photoshop on this ad is just ridiculous. It doesn’t even look like a photo, just some computer rendering. The middle girl’s eyebrows look totally painted on. It’s kind of hard to tell on this picture, but if you see the life size poster you’ll know what I mean. Before I get to my second reason, let me explain the point of the ad (yes, apparently this ad has a point!), as per the Budweiser website:


An epic adventure. A legendary party. A wildlife experience. And it’s all waiting for you and a friend. Look on the Bud Camp postcard found in specially marked cases of Budweiser for your PIN. Plus, you can enter as often as you like, just pick up a new PIN.

OMG, everyone! An epic adventure! A legendary party!

So basically, you get a chance to win a trip to the Bud Camp, where you’ll hang out with sexy Bud Girls. I drink beer, and I’m a girl, and I like going up north. What if I win? Where are the Bud Boys? There are none. You may remember similar contests by Coors Light, such as the Coors Light Mystery Mansion & the Coors Light Maxim Golf Party. What a crock of shit. I have no interest in partying with scantily clad beer girls. It just boggles my mind that companies are still reinforcing these sexist ideals. The message is clear, “Drink beer (or any alcohol) and get women.” Oh, okay.

I could go on and on about society and subliminal messages and sexism but I really just needed to vent. I despise that ad so much. Maybe if the Photoshop wasn’t so awful I’d be able to ignore it, but it’s in my face every day, and I just wanna draw comical mustaches on all the girls’ faces. Is that childish? Don’t judge me.

-Maria D

UPDATE: I’m not the only one who thinks this campaign is sexist!



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