Does Music Matter?

There is this older man that I kind of admire from afar. I by no means want to be with said man, but I do respect him and find him quite attractive. Well, a little Ipod listening party of sorts took place recently. He plugged his in and out came the poorest excuse for musical taste I’ve ever heard: YMCA, Abba and various television show theme songs (COPS, Happy Days, Full House, etc). His playlist went on for hours. 

What the hell? I never thought about what kind of music this man might like, but in retrospect, it seems as though the Rolling Stones or maybe even Rush would have suited him. His horrid selection of tunes burst my crush bubble instantly. 

Now, I don’t really care what kind of music my significant other listens to. It’s cool if we like the same bands and all, but I like to think I’m open enough to listen to and appreciate different music as well. I’m big on making mix CDs, so if we can introduce one another to new music, then all the better. But TV theme songs? How can I take this full grown man seriously?

Does music matter to you? Am I an elitist bitch? I feel like I’m setting myself up for insults here, but I don’t think I could ever date a guy that had Creed (who are getting back together, by the way! Is there no God?), Nickelback, Yanni or 98 Degrees or something on his Ipod.




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5 responses to “Does Music Matter?

  1. Janet

    After a year of listening to my current boyfriends music, which is speed metal, (generally from Europe) and generally mostly 80’s hair metal bands (Alice cooper, Helloween, Ozzy) I come to find myself wishing he would listen to something more mellow. I would be happy with a 98 degrees song just to break up the incessant noise that comes out of his speakers even though I am not a fan of them, it would be a nice change. We definitely don’t like the same music, I am more into Oasis and Green Day but we do compromise and I am slowly getting him to listen to more of my music than his, or maybe I just get to the dials on the stereo faster. Sure his music is crappy, but if you like the other person enough, you learn to make sacrifices.

    • badbangs

      i’ve learned that relationships come down to all sorts of compromises, including the musical kind. i’m glad you and your gentleman have started to work it out. 80s hair metal is pretty awesome, though 😉

  2. GiGi D`Agostino

    Does anything else matter? That should be your question.
    On the basic level, people can connect spiritually and emotionally without having to do or say anything.

    Music will not betray you, will not confuse you, will not piss all over you, and more importantly will not tell you “honey, maybe you shouldnt eat that last piece of pecan pie”.

    in saying that, rock on.

    and i also want to look at pictures of hot women. Not that im a guy or girl, im Androgynous. bassically like ken and barbie down there.

    oh yes and after seeing that play list i want to put the frowney smiley face but dont know how.

    Also, maybe you should give your public some sort of music lists so then we can judge and harass you if we dont agree. Im always up for a good musical lynching.

  3. The mixed CD seems to be a dying art in the AGE OF THE IPOD (lol) and that seems very sad to me.
    But as far as love and music – I do believe that it’s one of those things that makes me CLICK with people. Both my current and my ex girlfriend had very similar tastes in music to mine, and we share music back and forth. My ex introduced me to country and I introduced her to Japanese pop. Relationships are based on compromises but I feel that music, as well as other types of art expressions, is a big representation of who you are and how you express who you are – so if you they can’t accept that about you, then maybe you should rethink the relationship.
    So, no, you’re not being elitist. Date a guy who doesn’t listen to TV show theme songs.

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