miamissI doubt anyone will be able to help me with this, but it’s worth a shot. I, like many people, enjoy magazines. Still, I don’t subscribe to any. Well, I get Vice but that’s free and my brother got me a subscription to Missbehave for Christmas (thus also free), but I got one issue and after that, they folded. I feel like it’s finally time for me to spend a little money and get in on this magazines in the mail thing. Actually, Nylon recently sent me a letter asking to renew my year-long subscription for $30. I read this and a couple things went through my mind:

-I never actually subscribed to Nylon. I filled out a form on the Urban Outfitters website saying I could get free issues, but in the end, I only got one. Then they sent me an email saying they were going digital, but if I still wanted print issues, I could call their 1-800 number and let them know. I did, but I still never got another issue.

-Nylon sucks and I don’t want to subscribe to it.

So what’s a good magazine? What do you read? Help me.


(Edit: I’m thinking of getting Bust, but it’s 30 bucks for only six issues. Decisions, decisions.)



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2 responses to “Magazines

  1. i subscribe to decibel managizine. A more “underground” mag for music festishes.

    Also you cant go wrong with porno. Sweets weet porno.

  2. madeline

    hmm i subscribe to bust but i’m in the u.s. so it’s cheaper. i think it’s still worth it though

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