Why do girls purposely hit on guys with girlfriends? My boyfriend and I went out Saturday. We were talking and having a nice time. OK, we weren’t exactly doing body shots off each other, but it was pretty clear that we were together. Two girls were standing around next to us. I eventually had to pee so I left him at the bar. I stood in line outside the washroom and within a few minutes, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. It was my boyfriend. I asked him what he was doing there, and he said that as soon as I left, the girls next to us started hitting on him. He felt weird and decided to come meet me. 

Bitches. They saw us together. I’m not furious or anything (mainly because I trust that nothing would happen anyway), but my boyfriend left so quickly that he forgot to take my drink off the bar. They owe me a vodka soda!

I have personally never in my life hit on someone with a girlfriend. I think it might be acceptable under certain circumstances – like if you were in love with your best friend of ten and a half years and his girlfriend was treating him like shit. Fine, in that case, go ahead. But when two people appear happy, why get in the middle of it? I don’t understand women like this.

It’s like that episode of Seinfeld where George tries to pick up women with the ol’ engagement ring trick. Wait, is that an actual episode? I only vaguely remember it. I may have made it up. Nonetheless, my point is that I guess married men seem more appealing. After all, they clearly aren’t afraid of commitment and they must have some pretty damn fine qualities if another woman decided to conceivably spend the rest of her life with them. But if the guy is willing to cheat on his wife or girlfriend with you, what makes you think he won’t end up cheating on you with someone else?

I guess I’ll never fully understand why women throw themselves at these guys. How horny can you be? I’d go as far as calling this a matter of respect. As women (and human beings in general), I think it’s only fair that we should respect one another. There are single guys out there, I promise. Find them.




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8 responses to “Homewreckers

  1. m.c.

    young dragonfly, you misunderstand the impetus for women to home-wreck. it ain’t got nothin to do with horniness. it is because women are self-centered territorial bitches whose deep-rooted biological drive to find the best mate causes them to be compulsively competitive, throwing loyalty and ethics to the wind in order to gain the upper hand on their fellow bitches.

    a very dangerous species.

    • badbangs

      goddamn, well said. i like to think we’re above that (as in our choices and preferences are conscious rather than inherent). after all, i’m not like that at all and i’m a woman.

      to be honest, i don’t know enough girls to know what the majority of us are like.

      still, i think in these situations, the guys who fall for it are much more to blame. although you could argue that if the temptation weren’t there, they wouldn’t have swayed. it’s tricky.

  2. sara

    i hate those stupid homewrecking sluts

  3. heh.

    this is all very humerous to me. For several reasons.

    good day

  4. GiGi D`Agostino

    the girl hitting on your bf??

    …other than that, dont think we ever met.

    just a passer-by.

  5. Screwed Over

    I’m so against home reckers! I recently broke up with my boyfriend because all his (girl) friends we’re his x f*ck friends…the minute I look away they’re on him, touching while talking, like who does that? So I couldn’t trust him because he said I would invent stories in my head…but all I know is that they werent to be trusted. He was a player before me…and so I couldn’t trust him either. Is the saying true though “Once a player always a player?”

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