Nude Piccies

pedobearVanessa Hudgens is at it again,  y’all. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, allow me to recap: a while ago, naked pictures of her leaked all over the Internet. I’d post a link, but she’s said to have been 17 at the time those photos were taken, making everyone who’s seen the pics a big pedophile.

Who is this Vanessa Hudgens, you ask? I’m not sure either. I think she’s a Disney star. And she has a hilariously bad song about sneakers. Otherwise, I don’t know anything about her. Except what her nipples look like, that is.

So yeah, now a new batch of nudie pics leaked! Apparently she was 17 in those, too. So no link. Sorry; Google if you must. I’ll give you a mini-rundown of the most important parts: in one picture, she has a Zac Efron poster on her wall and in another, she’s wearing a Zac Efron pin. I think that means that her relationship with Zac started as a creepy, stalkery obsession, much like the one I am currently harboring. YES!

But you know, people often ask me, “Mel, should I be photographing myself naked?” Well, no one’s ever asked me that, but if they did, I think I’d answer like this: “No.” Taking naked pictures of yourself cannot possibly be a good idea. No one can be trusted with this kind of treasure; I know I’d personally need to share the gift with all my closest friends. Unless you’re hoping to be seen and inevitably criticized,  keep it covered. There’s nothing wrong with showing off the goods, but you should only do it live, especially if you’re sort of famous. 

The same thing happened to both Cassie and Rihanna. Cassie was all, “Don’t act like you never seen a tittie before.” That was awesome. I’m trying, but I can’t remember Rihanna’s reaction; it must have been boring. But why did they take those pics in the first place? I think a lot of it goes back to something Maria discussed a few posts down – narcissism. These girls know they’re beautiful, and they shouldn’t have to take nude pictures, send them to some guy and wait for the inevitable “baby u hawt loll” reaction to remind themselves of it.

Or hey, maybe they took those pics for us – the Internet. Maybe they wanted them to leak to promote a new album or movie (V. Hudg. suspiciously has a movie coming out next week, I think), or maybe they love their body and just don’t give a shit who sees it. In either case, keep ’em coming, ’cause they’re giving us something to talk about.

To clear things up, no, I’m not a horny lesbian perv. Male nudes are welcome, too. I just like seeing famous people naked. What? I like to know that they have flaws, too. OK? Don’t act like you don’t click on those NSFW posts. They’re the best ones! Thanks, celebs. 




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2 responses to “Nude Piccies

  1. GiGi D`Agostino

    Ive had my own encounter with nude pictures and how it can become an internet craze. Years ago, i was in love, passionately, with someone and after some time it become more like an obsession more than a cute romance thing. I tried signing to her, i tried being nice to her friends, i even tried taking her on crescent street to kinda “wow” her, gifts, but alas all of it failed. My friend (who shall remain nameless) suggested that I take some racey, but tastefull nudes since i had a pretty banging bod at the time. So one day, we decide to take a walk in a wooded area around my place and we snapped a few shots. Some were rather detailed, some left very little to the imagination. At this point i should mention that i was addicted to LSD and kept freaking out all the time because of the paranoia and hallucinations, so some photos were insanley blurry and out of focus and caught me looking every which way. I also owed my friend about 5 G`s because i had sold his cutlery for a key of cocaine.
    To get back to the story, the photos were taken and were sent off to my lady love and she instantly fell in love with at the sight of my meat launcher. We fell madly in love, had a family, and thought we would lead our lives peacefully and quietly.
    They one autumn evening i received a phone call from a friend who told me to quickly check my emails, for my life would change forever. My worst nightmare came true, the pictures i had taken leaked on the internet and caused an international buzz. At this point i knew i had to go into hidding and leave my life behind. Its truly a tragic story, because you see i was born with a few abnormalities that unfortnately caused a mass hysteria amongst the population and to this day have not returned home. Not to mention i murdered my friend who leaked the pictures and probably a dozen others. Ah well.
    So i thank you Ms Hudgens for making me feel normal and for giving me pictures to beat off too. Oh and here is mine, enjoy!

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