Orgasm During Childbirth

Apparently, some women are having orgasms while giving birth. I guess it’s not completely impossible; the baby is sort of replacing a penis. It still seems really unlikely. And what about women who can’t have vaginal orgasms? Are they supposed to be working their clit at the same time? Not sure. What if childbirth is totally not painful at all? Pain is perceived, and when we expect something to hurt, it affects (and basically predicts) our reaction. Maybe childbirth is actually a totally pleasurable experience that unfortunately got a bad rep over time. Did it hurt when Mary gave birth to baby Jesus? I’m not religious so I can’t answer. But if God couldn’t spare his baby mama pain, why would he spare it for you? 

Shit, if I could be guaranteed an orgasm during labor, maybe I’d actually want to have kids. 



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  1. that gross mel, kinda like you =)

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