What Were You Looking For?

WordPress is kind enough to provide its bloggers with a tracking system of sorts. We get stats on how many people come to our blog and how they got here. Seeing the number of views we’ve gotten is cool and all (thank you for that, by the way!), but seeing what terms people searched for before ultimately finding us is just a little bit cooler. Why? Because the list is hilarious. Here are some of our favorites:

-Doggy style on one night stand
-Watch free videos of women putting tampons in
-Sex while playing a board game
-Smelly feet under desk
-Fire tit tattoos
-School sperm gals
-On the rag drunk pee
-Thick nipples
-Porn women scratching with long fingernails
-I’m scared I swallowed a wasp
-Leaking sperm after intercourse
-Everything gives me diarrhea (ME TOO!)
-Bitches with smelly feet
-Super hairy vaginas
-Involuntary flashing
-Penises and vaginas
-When I was 14 my boobs looked like this
-Feet that smell like sour milk

And there are more. Lots, lots more. The list sort of breaks up into three categories: things that are sour or involve vinegar, rashes and porn. I love it.

Actually, I googled School Sperm Gals out of curiosity. Turns out it’s not the name of a porno. The title is still up for grabs, people! Get on that.



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