Remember Your First Concert?

When I got accepted into my school’s journalism program, I knew zero people in it. It was a little intimidating, but I like to keep to myself anyway. Soon enough, Hiba, a sweet Arab girl, befriended me. We never really hung out off campus until she admitted that she’d never been to a concert. “WTF,” I thought. I had to bring her to one. So, that weekend, I invited her to see Fucked Up. This is a little article I wrote right after the show.

“What are concerts like? I’ve never been to one.” I was kind of floored when Hiba, a classmate of mine, asked me that. I didn’t know what to answer so I decided to let her see for herself by bringing her to her very first show: Fucked Up and Dillinger 4.

hibaWe met up around 10 p.m. on a Saturday night. She explained to me that she moved to Montreal from Jordan, and that there are no concerts there. I don’t know how true that is, but it made her all the more excited. In fact, she seemed a little too excited so I crushed her hopes a bit and told her not to expect huge crowds or pyrotechnics or shit like that; rather, she should expect a small venue and a lot of fat guys.

I took some alcohol out of my bag and offered her the share she was entitled to as my platonic date for the night. She sniffed it and was all, “This smells like shit. What is it?” I answered that it was a light drink (OK, in reality it was absurdly strong) made mainly with rum. She confessed she’d never tasted rum before. “Good Lord,” I thought, “I’m tainting this girl’s innocent spirit.” I decided I could live with that and insisted she drink it. Soon enough she was giggling and telling me how pirates like rum. My concoction appeared to be working. Success!

When we finally got to the show, she was smiling ear to ear. She smiled during every song. It was like seeing a kid in a candy store, and it reminded me of my first concert experience: Boyz II Men and Montell Jordan. I was nine years old and to this day, it remains one of my favorite shows ever. They even did magic tricks. Back to Hiba, though, she was having a blast. At one point she told me she wanted to do ‘that thing where people hold you above their heads.’ I stupidly made her feel my misshaped skull (an accident that happened after stage diving) and she backed out. I tried to convince her anyway but she still didn’t want. I was bummed.

She ended up leaving a little early to catch the last metro home, but later on she texted me about how much fun she’d had. At least I think she did; I was really wasted. It could have been anyone, really. The point is someone texted me about how much fun they had (I think), and that’s what matters. That’s what shows are all about.


P.S. Hi Hiba!



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12 responses to “Remember Your First Concert?


    Don’t corrupt the hibster, next thing you know she’ll start her own blog about farting in front of men, period cramps, etc.

  2. Nicole

    A 6 year old jealous of Boyz II Men… A tad odd no?
    Anywho, so yes. I remember my first concert. It was Backstreet Boys, December 31, 1998. It was amazing. We had to leave a tad early so we wouldn’t be swallowed by the throngs of pre-pubescent ravenous girls. We snuck into an opening that brought us to right next to the stage, and I could’ve sworn Nick looked right at me. Yes, I had a crater-sized crush on him. So yes, I was obsessed. I watched my BSB video nonstop at home, learned all the words, and would dream of being Mrs Nick Carter.
    That dream soon came to an end, when it wasn’t ‘cool’ anymore to like the Backstreet Boys, and desperately wanting to be cool, I gave up my undying love.
    So that was my first concert.
    PS; I have an abnormal shaped head too; because I was at a show at L’Inco (yes L’Inco), and was at the foot of the ‘stage’ doing my friend a solid and taking pics of his band, and this monster of an asshole knocked me down in the middle of his spastic moshing, leaving me to BASH my head on the radiator… Rushed to the hospital and now have a large bump on the back of my head.
    I love shows.

    • badbangs

      omg nick looked at you? montell jordan POINTED at me! my bad skull happened at l’x, thankfully no spastic moshing was involved.


  3. The Arab Girl

    Wow you have dialogue in there too! I did have a lot of fun at my first concert, which just happened to be a punk rock one!! And rum just tastes awesome! It’s my favourite drink now! oh and bloody Caesars! Next concert we go to Mel, I’m going stage diving! I need to be a little past the tipsy state though.
    and it was me that texted you, see I’m not a worse drunk than you are!

    PS. The Hibster demands more corruption! 🙂
    oh and we do have concerts in Jordan, it’s just me that’s never been to one.

    • badbangs

      hibs! i will make you all the bloody ceasars you will ever want. friday i’m taking you to eat your first poutine! get ready.


  4. Janet

    My first concert was New Kids On The Block… and NO it wasn’t this passed year it was when I was 9… although I did go see them this year as well (you may feel shame for me, I understand) My daddy brought me to the concert, it was in Hamilton and sending a 9 year old alone in Hamilton, probably not a good idea. Daddy got me a t-shirt, we sat in the nosebleeds but it was still great! I remember my dad getting mad at the crazy teenagers in front of us because they wouldn’t sit down, and my dad didn’t want to have to stand up Hahaha!!

    So yeah, that’s my first concert.

    • badbangs

      haha that’s awesome, i lol’ed at this comment. i also remember my dad complaining about the teens in front of us (he’s always grumpy though).


  5. GiGi D`Agostino

    first concert was when i was 16.

    was good times, since then i have been to many musical events. There is nothing like it really. Especially when you go with people who arent concert goers, it makes it that much more fun.

    what your best concert experience?

    • badbangs

      hmm, i’m not sure. seeing motorhead and the buzzcocks (two separate shows) was awesome because they’re two of my faves.

      i also had an amazing time at an andrew wk show years ago.

      man, i’m drawing a blank here. i know there were more stand-out ones. lemme think about it.

      what about you?


  6. Vanessa

    I went to a NIN concert a few years ago and cried when Trent sang “Hurt” because normally he sang that song to end his shows. Alas, I cried for nothing and the concert went on! lol

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