The Music Connector

Ah! I feel like a jerk because I totally forgot to write about this. About eight months ago, I posted an ad on Craigslist. In it, I anonymously offered people free mix CDs. All they had to do was send me their address, preferably with a brief description of themselves, and ta-da, I’d send them some music. I don’t know why I did this. I think it was a mixture of feeling bored, wanting to share good tunes and being fed up of getting nothin’ but bills in the mail. I expected under five people to reply. To my surprise, I received 24 emails in just a few hours.

A lot of people offered to mail me a mix back. I told them that they were welcome to. After all, they’d just have to send it to the return address on their envelope.

Making all those mixes wasn’t easy. It’s really time consuming and in my case, it was considerably expensive. I wondered how many people would bother sending me their own mix back.

Well, until about two months ago, the answer was zero. I didn’t get a single thing back. I wasn’t pissed about it, either. That’s not what the project was about.

Then this little guy came in the mail!

Photo 27

Excuse my Sunday, post-Ye Olde Orchard Pub (what? they have good potato skins) tired face. Oh, and to the people I went out with last night: yes, I’m wearing the exact same clothes today. I may or may not have slept in them.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. Someone sent me a mix back! With a cute letter! And a page ripped out from a Japanese magazine! It was really sweet and heartwarming.

I doubt the person will ever see this, but I just wanted to say thanks. You’re awesome, too.

Oh, and anyone who wants a [non-anonymous, at this point] mix can email me.




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10 responses to “The Music Connector

  1. I’m going to take you up on this offer… you just wait!

    • badbangs

      email me your address šŸ™‚ don’t expect it right away, but i promise i’ll do it as soon as i have a little time.

      • vinonymous

        I, too, would like a mix tape, please. I need new music for my car rides.

        P.S. This is a really good idea and, if you want money for the empty cd, i’ll gladly give it to you.

        Also, I want the songs to be a complete surprise, so don’t tell me what you’re putting on it LOL.

  2. GiGi D`Agostino

    send me your mailing address, or post it or what not

    • badbangs

      haha i’m not posting it on the ~interwebs. and you don’t leave an email address when you comment, so i can’t send it there either. email me if you want, badbangs at gmail dot com, i’ll get on your mix asap, you mysterious commenter, you.


  3. badbangs

    vinonymous i couldn’t reply to you personally for some reason, but your request has been noted.


  4. Rob

    COMO! I need your help. I’m playing a show at school at the “band” I’m in plays punk music. I need some suggestions for what we can play.

    The criteria:

    1) nothing too difficult to sing
    2) nothing insanely fast
    3) make it good!


    • badbangs

      you’re in a “band”? what does that mean? is it real?

      no wait, i misread that. you’re playing at the “band”? is that a location?

      why you must you confuse me so?

      i suggest playing any ’77 punk ’cause that won’t be too fast (google if you must).

      anyway here’s a list of what i think would be good:
      ramones – don’t come close
      stiv bators – a million miles away
      adverts – gary gilmore’s eyes
      replacements – don’t ask why
      misfits – die die my darling
      the clash – death or glory
      vibrators – whips and furs

      that’s off the top of my head. i’ll look through my itunes for you later if you want!


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