On most weeks, I like to write a WTF Friday post in hopes of momentarily distracting you with something that’s at least somewhat weird (duh), light and maybe even a little funny. Well, I’m not doing that this week. Forget it. This week, you’re getting totally grossed out. I came across something so revolting that I literally gagged as I scrolled through it.

Now, you need to realize that I look at gross shit online all the time. I have this twisted curiosity that I just can’t ignore; an urge I must satisfy. But what you’re about to see broke me. I couldn’t handle it.

I mean, now that I’ve seen it, I’m going in for a closer look and cracking jokes about it, but that’s just my own sick nature. I’m not sure how you’ll react.

I’m not gonna re-host the pictures because I feel like they’d get deleted, but click HERE to see what I’m talking about.

OK, fine, I’ll be nice and warn you beforehand: based on the comments, it’s some sort of mortuary procedure. They’re calling it a cannibal BBQ though, and I think I like that term better. Let’s go with that. Plus, it reminds me of when Dee and Charlie eat human meat on It’s Always Sunny.




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7 responses to “OH MY GOD

  1. wooooo yummers.

    if any of you are interested in other gross shit:

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  3. Melissa H

    See, I’m home on my lunch break eating my turkey sandwich and thanks to this post I threw up in my mouth! Don’t feel bad though. It happens a lot anyway.

    That’s pretty gross, thanks!

  4. Janet

    Ever go to rotten.com ?? it’s pretty sick too… I don’t think I’ll be having dinner anytime soon. Great Diet Idea! Look at that pic every time you want to eat!

  5. Hmm, thats pretty sick. But somehow I can distance myself from it and handle it. Yet I feel like someone is going to rip the flesh off my skull. Egh, having your face pulled off alive! AAAH bad thoughts. I have a sick obsession with this kind of stuff though, especially with serial killers.

    Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21RWUIFHD_s

    Cannibals in Finland! OMG

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