Hiba’s First Poutine

There are four food groups in Quebec, but they’re a little different from the ones you learned about in school. They consist, in order of importance, of: fries, cheese curds, gravy and Pepsi. Yeah, poutine is pretty much unavoidable here. Even our McDonalds’ serve it. Since I’ve entered this world, I’ve indulged in countless of these babies. They’re delicious at all times; so delicious that New Jersey decided to rip us off and “invent” Disco Fries. Bastards.

Hiba has lived here for two years. The other day, she randomly admitted to me that she’d still never had poutine. I couldn’t believe it. I asked her why and she said, “Because it looks like a heart attack.” Um, yeah, it does look like a heart attack, but does that mean you shouldn’t eat it? No. So in addition to inviting Hiba to her first concert, I decided to take her for her first poutine. Our destination? La Banquise.

She seemed pretty excited when I met up with her. She said that regardless of how it looks, she’d heard good things about poutine and more importantly, she was hungry. La Banquise can pretty much do no wrong in terms of fries, gravy and cheese, but I still wondered if she’d actually like it.

I assumed she’d play it safe and go for the original kind, but she took a walk on the wild side and opted for the Frank Poutine (I think). It has sausage in it.


I got my usual, the Mexican. It comes with tomatoes, olives and what appear to be bananas but are actually hot peps. OMG, my mouth is watering right now.


But the question remains: did she actually like it? She loved it! She called it greasy but amazing. Then she said she couldn’t wait to get drunk and have some. I’m so proud of her; it totally tastes better when you’re drunk.


There are only so many photos you can take of yourself happily eating poutine but here’s one for the road. And yes, we’re both completely incapable of making different facial expressions.


MMMM, so good!




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7 responses to “Hiba’s First Poutine

  1. Janet


    and now… I’ve never seen poutine like those! I go for the old fashioned cheese and gravy with a little bit of vinegar (don’t judge me) How many kinds of poutine were at that place? I’ve only heard of Italien poutine with cheese and spaghetti sauce on it.

    I have a killer hankering for a poutine now… Hmmmm must go find one!

  2. Janet

    I just bookmarked it! I think I will try to convince my boyfriend to go to Montreal to try it… I get bored on weekends, so it might happen!

  3. Janet

    So this weekend my boyfriend and I jumped into my car and drove to Montreal for some Poutine! I actually convinced him to go!! I must have some serious POWERS of persuasion!

    So we drove the 2 hours there (from Ottawa) and went to La Banquise, I had the poutine with the chicken and peas in it… it was… it was like… hmmm… IT WAS A PARTY IN MY MOUTH!!!!

    Sooooooooooooo tasty!!! I thank Hiba for never having a poutine, and therefore getting you to bring her for one, and blogging and then having me go! definately worth the drive!

    • badbangs

      haha, YAY!, i think that’s the coolest thing that’s come out of this blog. i’m glad you liked it.

      if you like that kind of poutine, you should try a hot chicken.

      i found a picture here:
      Hot chicken - Sandwich au poulet

      it’s another quebecois delicacy. when you say it you have to do it with a french accent – “ot chick-en”. ha ha.

      it’s basically two slices of white bread, chicken, peas and gravy. it’s good.


  4. Janet

    Mmmmm Hot Chicken… I’ve had those before, but I’ve always found them salty… but they are still great!

  5. carla

    aahh melissa you’re hilarious

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