Who gives a shit about Christmas when you have a holiday like Halloween? Fuck those losers that are all about Christmas trees and candy canes – I’m all about haunted houses and scary movies. Oh, and scaring children. When we were younger, my cousin Sara and I used to hide under piles of leaves and grab trick-or-treaters by the ankles. Sometimes they’d cry, which made us feel bad, but overall it was funny and awesome.

Actually I’m not too sure if we did that or not. I may have dreamt it. I’m pretty sure we did it. I need a better brain.

I plan on posting as many Halloween-related posts as possible this week, this being the first.

So here are just a few pictures from a party I threw last year. Hopefully they’ll get you into the Halloween spirit!





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5 responses to “Halloweiner

  1. badbangs

    robot added by special request

  2. joe cool

    joe cool made the cut

  3. GiGi D`Agostino

    nice pics

    what is everyone doing for halloween? anything interesting going on besides crowding into a small club, paying 15$ for a green drink and eye humping a parade of women dresses as slutty (insert profession/superhero/vegetable here)

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