Mood Swings

Success! Nicole sent us an e-mail with a post. Thank heavens for her; I’ve been slacking off like crazy here. In all fairness, this has been an absolutely awful week. I learned that I need to find myself a new job, I missed a birth control pill so now I have my period for an extra week and a half, Slayer postponed their show here, and I have swine flu. Well, that’s debatable – but calling it Swine Flu makes my boring, everyday cold sound kind of exotic, no? It’s a really bad cold, though. My father just asked me if I have “H1N2N”. Anyway, Nicole wants to talk about mood swings, so here we go.

whatshapThis is an extension of Melissa’s post about weird panic attacks because of the pill. So for the past while, I guess about a year or two, I’ve been getting really terrible, sometimes unmanageable mood swings. I used to bottle them up and not let anybody know about them, but for the past year, it’s been really hard. If someone is pissing me off, I have a hard time not getting snappy with them. It gets to the point where I have to avoid their gaze, clench my jaw as tight as I can, and just keep my mouth shut, because I’m afraid of saying something that I really shouldn’t. The person this happens most with is my mom. I love her dearly, but she’s the one who gets on my nerves the most. Is that normal? Sometimes I wish I could just tell her to fuck off and leave me alone, but she’s always too emotional for her own good, and it makes me the bad guy, in every situation.

I’d like to know if this happens to anyone else, on the pill or not. These mood swings make me really uncomfortable in many situations. And they come on unexpectedly, like I really don’t know when in my cycle I should expect them. I know during my cycle I have hormonal fluctuations, and peak periods, but these swings don’t seem to follow a specific pattern. I have strong emotions and sometimes anger management is out the window, as in I have very little, if any, control over my rage. It’s gotten my into trouble many times in the past, and although I try to control for it, I don’t see it getting much better anytime soon.

Anybody have any suggestions? What pills and/or birth control do you ladies use? I’m on Yasmin 28, and I’m wondering, since it’s the highest estradiol level pill (apparently) if it’s totally screwed my hormones and sent them out of whack.


-Your much loved guest speaker.



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7 responses to “Mood Swings

  1. badbangs

    hey lady, i’m answering you here because i didn’t wanna hijack your post.

    i’m on cyclen and while it’s put me through some horrible things, it hasn’t given me mood swings – BUT keep in mind that i’m not an exceptionally emotional person and i never really went through abrupt changes in mood in the first place.

    if anything, the pill gave me feelings. i used to be even colder than i am now (hard to believe, eh?). now i cry at the most random shit.

    still, i don’t go through the range of emotions you do, at all. or if i do, i don’t know about it. someone should tell me.

    maybe you should buy a mood ring! then you’ll be able to predict your mood swings when it gets all cloudy.

    ok, that’s a horrible joke (don’t hate me).

    if you think the mood swings are tied to the pill (which they may very well be), talk to your gyno about it. mine just switched me to yaz last week. he said it’ll make me “less panicky.” we’ll see.


  2. Nicole

    Awww did you really thank the heavens for me. Haha.

    Ugggghhh. Ya I think you gave me what you have… Or at least part of it. I’m sitting at work dying a little each minute.. But it was a successfuly morning for me… Verrrrry successful considering the situation at work right now :S

    But ya that’s pretty off subject… So back to the important stuff. Ya I have to talk to my gyno cuz this spaztic mood swing thing is not doing it for me… If it were up to me I’d not take birth control, but my boyfriend hates wearing condoms so unless I want a baby now, the pill will remain my best friend… fml

    • badbangs

      i wanted to ask my gyno about getting an iud but then i forgot. ask yours and tell me about it after, lol.

      i’m sorry if i gave you my fake swine flu! i’m very infectious. it’s so bad. i thought i was dying yesterday. i’m feeling a little bit better now, but this is day 6 or something.

      stop telling me about your successful days, dammit! i have very unsuccessful days!


  3. Nicole

    what i thought was a successful day was apparently not good enough for gc… to meet my target or whatever, i have to pull in 2400$ per day… mother fuckerrrrrr. ugggghhh

    but ya i’ll ask my gyno what my options are and i’ll report my findings. haha

  4. carla

    Ahhh you gotta let me know when you guys find the most effective pill. I’ve been on Aviane for a year and this is the most irritable i’ve ever been.
    People used to compare me to a robot as I showed no sense of emotion other than indifference or basic content…and now just like Mel, I cry at the most random shit and take the littlest unintentional comments or actions so personally which cause me to get defensive and overthink situations and relationships with people.
    And usually it’s not even like me to rant on a blog post…I don’t know but is this pill meant to trigger a release in stereotypical woman behaviour or is it just me maybe?

    • badbangs

      i started out on alesse. it gave me chronic yeast infections (i’d never had one before!). once i had such a bad one that i couldn’t walk. i cried through the night like a baby.

      i switched over to cyclen and that was cool because it made my boobs balloon, but it eventually gave me bad panic attacks.

      so i switched to yaz. so far i haven’t had any panic attacks (i would have; they always happen during the first week of my pill taking), i haven’t noticed any abrupt changes in mood, and my boobs appear to be the same size. then again, i just started. i’ll let you know how it goes over time, but for the moment, it’s great.

      i gather that any pill’s side effects will depend on the person. what’s good for me might not be good for you. you should google aviane and see how women generally react. here’s one of the review sites:

      based on what you described, i would def. switch.


  5. Nicole

    SUCCESS!! I got an appointment with my doc on December 8 to switch pills… Goodbye Yasmin, hellooooo yaz!

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