Not Gonna Buy These Shoes

I’ve been forced out of blog hibernation by a sexist commercial. OK, I know that I whine about stuff like this a lot, but I refuse to apologize for being offended by the blatant degradation of women. Sorry [but not really] if that makes me a tight ass. Speaking of tight asses, that’s sort of what the commercial is about.

You’d think that I first saw this gem during an NFL game’s half-time period or whatever it’s called, but I didn’t. The truth is that I saw it while watching Tyra. I’m ashamed to say that I watch that show so let’s move on immediately.

I don’t get how Reebok is trying to convince women to buy sneakers by airing a commercial that’s made to appeal to men during a daytime television program aimed at women. Do you follow what I’m saying? Me neither. I got lost after the first few words of that sentence. I think it’s because of how outraged I am.

So I took to the internet. After having gone through Reebok’s Youtube channel, I found a commercial that’s even worse.

I guess it’s a campaign of some sort, which I’m sure will be discussed extensively by every blog ever. And that’s the point. I almost hate that I’m writing about these ads because it’s exactly what Reebok wants. Ugh.

I hope you understand that the whole, “Make your boobs jealous (with your ass)” tagline reduces women to nothing but those body parts. I mean, those parts are great and all, but focusing on them all the damn time makes women insecure and men ignorant.

Smart, mind-challenging advertising is successful when done right; it’s a shame that most companies refuse to put that kind of effort into their ads and settle for zooming in on an ass or tits.




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6 responses to “Not Gonna Buy These Shoes

  1. ew those commercials are awful! Those shoes don’t even work. My physiology teacher did a study on them with some other researchers and yeah. they don’t work. so there

  2. Janet

    I agree that those commercials are horrible. Targeting the wrong gender group and such… As for them not working as madeline commented. Perhaps that’s part of the marketing ploy, if women are lead to believe that they will work, then they will wear them more often, perhaps walk more often, which will result in a better physique. Not because of the shoes, but because of their exercise, and because of that, making them think it’s the shoes, but really it’s their more frequent exercise activity… Make sense?

  3. GiGi D`Agostino

    what shoes?


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