Hi There

I’m posting because cute, completely unexpected fan mail inspired me to. Now, you may be wondering what I’ve been up to during my absence. To be perfectly honest, I’ve been having Golden Girls marathons, eating Costco-sized Toblerone bars and napping. Oh, and I was in Cuba for a while. I’ll post pictures of that when I find my camera’s USB wire thingie (never).

Here’s a recent development: I’m on anti-depressants. Don’t worry, I may be sarcastic, cynical and an overall hater of everything, but I’m not depressed. They were prescribed to me for my stomach problems. I thought I had Crohn’s disease or an ulcer or something like that, but my doctor seems convinced that my tummy lacks serotonin. The pills are working well but they have crappy side effects. I’m sleepy, I have a constant mini-headache and sometimes I start sweating in weird places! I don’t like that.

I’m supposed to take the pills for what I guess is a month-long trial period. I don’t think I’ll renew my prescription when the time comes. I just feel weird about having to take medication every day for the rest of my life. I also read that coming off Cipralex is a real bitch so I’d rather not get too into it.

So by the next time I see my doctor, I’ll be back to square one. I’ll just have to live with these excruciating, stabbing pains. Ugh. I actually dropped a class on my first day of school this semester because my stomach hurt really bad and was making loud, disgusting (albeit somewhat funny) fart noises.

Anyway, that was just a quick note to prove that I’m still alive.

I hope everything is good with you guys!




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7 responses to “Hi There

  1. Nicole

    It’s a good thing I work with you; otherwise I would’ve thought you were dead

  2. Rob

    I’ve gotten so bored with the lack of updates that I’ve taken to reading French websites to pass the time in class! French websites! I ran out of English internets!!

    • badbangs

      ahahah i’m sorry! name the websites though, i don’t mind french internets.

      btw do you watch 30 rock? i started watching it before xmas and i’m completely HOOKED. i’m on season 3 now… you would really, really like it.

      • Rob

        Yeah I do watch 30rock! I downloaded the first 3 seasons, but I haven’t caught up on season 4 yet. Baldwin is the best in it.

        Are you a fan of Arrested Development? I think it’s my favourite show of all time, maybe more than Seinfeld..

  3. badbangs

    arrested development is next on my list of shows to watch, actually. if you like it i’m sure i will. plus i’ve heard excellent things.

  4. Rob

    It’s hit or miss with people I find, but I love it.

    You can watch each episode 10x and laugh at something you didn’t see the first time.

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