Surprisingly Sexy Part Deux

I feel completely disgusting for even questioning this, but, um, is Carrot Top kind of hot? Because I saw him on TMZ – I never paid any attention to any gossip sites or shows other than my beloved ONTD, but I caught it on TV one day and I’ve been hooked ever since (speaking of which, WHO is that dreamy blonde boy?) – and um, he looked delicious. Oh God, even I can’t believe what I’m saying. But it’s true! And when the camera guy asked him, “Does the carpet match the drapes?” he answered with, “No drapes.” Hee hee! I don’t think he photographs well and he looks like he does unspeakable things to a lot of hookers but he also seems to have this weird charm in person.

I know for a fact that my attraction to this man is all kinds of wrong because the comments [taken from various sites] following this photo read “GAG!”, “Some things can never be unseen” and, “My clitoris just shriveled up and died”, among others. What is wrong with me? On second thought, don’t answer that.




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8 responses to “Surprisingly Sexy Part Deux

  1. Janet

    The hot blond guy on TMZ, If you are talking about the surfer guy, is Max Hodges! He’s hilarious! Or the guy with the short spiky blond hair, is Dax!

    As for the sexiness of Carrot Top…. Maybe with a paper bag over his head? His body is all buff now that he is into working out so much, but I just can’t handle his face! I wouldn’t be able to have that looking back at me!

    • badbangs

      ahaha, would you let him hit it from the back? maybe after a few drinks? THINK ABOUT IT

      and yes i was talking about the surfer guy, mmm, my fingers are racing to google him right now lol.

    • badbangs

      omg his twitter bio says “pooping”
      it’s meant to be!

  2. Janet

    Hmmm, Ok, so From the back, after 9 shots of tequila, aaaand a paper bag on his head, and I will consider it…. Maybe…

    If you are on Max’s twitter, check out his twitter pics, there’s one where I hope it was Halloween, and he was dressed up like a woman! It’s funny!! I love watching TMZ just to hear what’s coming out of his mouth hahaha

  3. GiGi D`Agostino

    time to reveal myself…i am carrot top, finally after months of seclusion my plan to have you admit that you would consider boneing me has become fruitful.
    Now the world will know that at least ONE person would have sex with a walking orange corpse like creature with no signifcant notable talent! There is hope for us reddies still!

    not my best, but still.

  4. Nicole

    Melissa…. no…. just no.

  5. Great superb post bud. I’ve had a blast reading your posts and have found them awesome. Don’t stop posting

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