Ultimate Facepalm

(Oops, I thought I’d posted this already but I apparently saved it as a draft instead. So this may be a little late, but I’m late on just about everything when it comes to the Internet; you know that.)

The National Post should be fucking embarrassed. Last week, its editorial board published a piece called “Women’s Studies Is Still With Us.” In it, the board questions the scholarly program, implying that its students are essentially brainwashed into thinking that all women are victims (and all men are victimizers) and that heterosexual sex is inherently oppressive.

Strangely, it goes on to state that graduates of the program have  pushed for – wait for it – UNIVERSAL DAYCARE (oh God, no!), for example.

As a feminist who’s taken many women’s studies courses, I call bullshit on this entire piece. God, the people who wrote this have no idea what they’re talking about. They could really benefit from sitting in on a class or two.

Thankfully, pretty much everyone who commented on the article regards it as a sexist piece of shit. Most of the comments are definitely worth a read (some of them are LOL-worthy), so you should have a look.



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