Non-Boring Clothing

The fashion world strikes me as pretentious and dull. This probably isn’t surprising coming from a self-declared tomboy, but I simply don’t care about fashion. I don’t know what’s fashionable and what isn’t. I don’t read street style blogs and I’ve never purchased a fashion magazine in my life (though I will buy the March issue of Vogue because my role model for life Tina Fey is on the cover). Sure, I love shopping, but I basically buy the same outfit over and over again with slight variations. I wear whatever doesn’t smell bad and sometimes, if I’m feeling especially lazy, I wear whatever I slept in (like right now).

However, a fashion blog just came into my life and I’m already nothing short of completely obsessed with it. Third and Delaware features fashion highlights from every single episode of Roseanne. Yes, Roseanne. Fuck, I love that show and all the outfits it featured.

To further contradict my usual anti-fashion stance, I will admit that I also have somewhat of a fashion icon, one that goes hand-in-hand with the Roseanne cast.

It’s the wonderful PEGGY BUNDY!

What isn’t there to love? Her big, beautiful hair, her tight, animal-print tops, her always-there leggings and her impeccable sass make me crazy about her. If I was actually willing to spend time putting my look together, there’s no doubt that I’d make myself up to look like a Peggy Bundy replica.

Last but not least, there’s also a movie that encapsulates just how fun and non-drab fashion can be; a movie whose characters’ entire wardrobes I’d kill for; a movie that, regardless of fashion, is just all-around awesome, not to mention one of my faves. That movie is 200 Cigarettes. If you haven’t seen it, in short, it’s about a bunch of people celebrating New Year’s Eve in New York City in the early ’80s. It features Casey Affleck as an adorable punk rocker, Dave Chappelle as a disco cabbie, an apparently [at least somewhat] sane Courtney Love, and Elvis Costello (!) among many, many others.

I know Rachael, who runs the only fashion blog I read (aside from the Roseanne one), feels the same way. She’s extremely awesome and has great taste, so if you don’t trust my recommendation of the movie, trust hers. She knows what she’s talking about.



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  1. Fuck yeah! Peggy Bundy! 200 Cigs!

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