The Radio Still Sucks

A few summers ago I was driving around with the windows down (my shit box car doesn’t have A/C), singing along rather obnoxiously loudly to whatever crappy song was being played on the radio, when Inner Circle’s “Sweat (A La La La La Long)” came on. At first I was like, “Yes! A song from my childhood – I know all the lyrics to this one”, but then, as I was singing, I was like “Wait a minute – is this song about rape?” And uh, yes, it totally is.

“Girl I want to make you sweat
Sweat ’til you can’t sweat no more
And if you cry
I’m gonna push it some more”

I’m sorry, Inner Circle, but that is no way to romance a lady. If I’m sweating and crying, you better get the hell off me. Push it some more and I will punch you.

This got me to thinking about other pop songs that get nonchalantly played on the radio despite their out-there sexual content. The airplay these songs get legitimizes the often-deviant behavior described in the lyrics. I’m no prude (in fact, some say I’m a sex fiend), but this is simply too much.

John Mellencamp’s “Hurts So Good” isn’t about rape but it nonetheless isn’t what I’d call radio-friendly.

“Hurt so good
Come on baby make it hurt so good
Sometimes love don’t feel like it should
You make it hurt so good”

OK, so the song is about rough sex. Nothing particularly wrong with that – but honestly, I’d be 100 per cent weirded out if I heard my kid singing along to it the way I used to, back in the day.

Next up is a song that I’m sure at least a few of you are familiar with. I admittedly love, love, LOVE the Rolling Stones but “Brown Sugar” is fucking creepy. So, so creepy. Why? No reason, really. It’s just about RAPING FEMALE SLAVES.

“Ah brown sugar how come you taste so good
Brown sugar, just like a young girl should
I’m no schoolboy but I know what I like
You should have heard me just around midnight
Ah brown sugar how come you taste so good
Brown sugar, just like a black girl should”

The beginning of the song references cotton fields and slavery, in case you’ve never heard it and are wondering. It also talks about a slaver who is abusing his slaves – it’s a sad story that takes an unexpected, extremely unsettling (and even sadder) turn when Mick jumps in and talks about how he’s raping the girls.

There are other songs that have weird connotations, like Grease’s “Summer Nights” (Did she put up a fight?), George Michael’s “Father Figure” (“I will be your father figure, put your tiny hand in mine”), the Rolling Stones’ “Stray Cat Blues” (“I can see that you’re 15 years old, no I don’t want your I.D.”)  and Sarah McLachlan’s “Possession”, which was written based on creepy letters a stalker was sending her (the stalker ended up suing her and then committing suicide).

Got any more?




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5 responses to “The Radio Still Sucks

  1. Nicole

    OMGGG!!! I noticed that about Inner Circle’s “Sweat” last summer. I had never realized how graphic the song was!

  2. GiGi D`Agostino

    Ahh inner circle. Whats wrong with a good old fashioned rape song covered in soothing island rhythms? NARC!

    Some songs that come to mind are, (keep in mind, these arent exactly radio songs) :

    Van halen-Ice Cream Man
    Ted Nugent- Cat Scratch fever, Stranglehold
    Whitesnake- Slide it In
    ZZ Top- Pearl Necklace
    Ac/dc- The Jack (about VD)

    My personal fav is Knockin on your back door by Deep Purple:

    (just a sample)

    She came on like a teaser
    I had to touch and please her
    Enjoy a little paradise
    The log was in my pocket
    When Lucy met the Rockett
    And she never knew the reason why

    I can’t deny it
    With that smile on her face
    Oh It’s not the kill
    It’s the thrill of the chase

    Feel it coming
    It’s knocking at the door
    You know it’s no good running
    It’s not against the law
    The point of no return
    And now you know the score
    And now you’re learning
    What’s knockin’ at your back door

    If this song dosent wanna make you wanna do some good old fashioned anal, nothing every will!

    And how can you forget that classic song from the 90`s, Wiggle Wiggle by those lyrical geniuses Outhere Brothers? They did not care for innuendo!

    Put yo ass on my face
    I love the way your pussy tastes
    Girl you know you are the one
    Take that ass and make me come

    Don’t stop movin’ baby
    Tutti frutti
    Drive me crazy
    Wiggle wiggle
    Wiggle wiggle

    Girl you’ve got to suck my dick
    And you’ve got to suck it quick

  3. GiGi D`Agostino

    oh its real, and its spectacular.

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