Cuba Pics

People often tell me that I look different in every photo and that no photo really accurately portrays me. I always answer with an unnecessarily sassy comment along the lines of, “You’re an idiot” but I just noticed that these people are ENTIRELY RIGHT. I uploaded my Cuba pictures last night (better late than never, I guess) and I barely recognize myself. What is wrong with my face? Wait, don’t answer that. I don’t mean that I look hideous, I just mean that I don’t look like ME. Oh well. Whatever. Enjoy the pics.

SO BLUE! I’d post different photos but these are the prettiest. I wish I lived somewhere exotic – I’m so not made for Montreal, though I love it nonetheless. The only downside is that my stomach would really have to accustom itself to food that isn’t poutine or hot dogs (what? I eat healthy sometimes). I survived on bananas and Chicoticos in Cuba. Chicoticos are Cheeze-Its that are garlic-flavored. They’re disgusting at first but then they become delicious but then you feel bad for eating them because you stink. It’s an adventure, really.

More pics at my Flickr.



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One response to “Cuba Pics

  1. Hiba

    You momentarily elevated my boredom Mel!

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