Dreamboat Alert

Oh man, I’m crushing SO HARD on Shaun White right now. There’s something undeniably attractive about this guy. I’m not even a fan of the Olympics but I love all the press he’s getting. I’ve become slightly obsessed with looking up pictures of him and watching his interviews. What a magnificent specimen. I seriously can’t get over how awesome he is. Look at this epic save:

He’s like the very definition of good times. AND he owns a frenchie which is only my favorite doggie ever to exist in the history of the world.

More of this bad ass motherfucker after the cut.

By the way, he doesn’t only snowboard – he also skateboards (duh), designs and plays guitar. It’s like he learned how to do all the awesome things in life.

Sweet, sweet lord.




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5 responses to “Dreamboat Alert

  1. Nicole

    I must agree… Shaun White is undeniably hot in his own way. And just how he still gets genuinely excited when he wins a competition… *Sigh*

  2. GiGi D`Agostino

    no joke, i watched the opening of the olympics, and on TSN i saw Jennifer Hedger (the anchor lady), interviewing someone and i said “Good god that is a hideous looking woman” until they said its a he and the he was Shaun White.

    he is a cross between :

    Sara Gilbert

    Rocky Dennis

    and my all time fav

    harry from harry and the hendersons

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