Quick witted & absurdly hot, Maria Donna was born & raised in Montreal. Early on, she showed signs of great intelligence, having read Tolstoy’s complete works by the age of 8. At the tender age of 14, she became a goth, roaming chat rooms in search of a kindred sprit and reading Edgar Allan Poe during recess. To date, her unfinished works include an old Live Journal account, an abandoned blog on Blogspot and an unpublished photo shoot. Maria D’s hobbies include critiquing (read: complaining), reading, enjoying the great outdoors (read: walking the dog) and eating. She currently resides in Montreal & is studying Urban Planning at Concordia University.

Maria D

Melissa is a 24 year old tomboy. She enjoys punk rock, skateboarding videos and eating various cheeses. Melissa writes obituaries for the Gazette by day and parties hard by night. That last part was a joke – she hates partying (and people, generally speaking). She also interned at Vice Magazine. She is currently studying Journalism at Concordia University. Pictures aren’t really Melissa’s thing, but here is a nice shot of her ~posing~ anyway.

Photo 18


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  1. your baby brother

    yo damiano says get facebook, btw hes promoting your site on his facebook accont

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