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Dreamboat Alert

Oh man, I’m crushing SO HARD on Shaun White right now. There’s something undeniably attractive about this guy. I’m not even a fan of the Olympics but I love all the press he’s getting. I’ve become slightly obsessed with looking up pictures of him and watching his interviews. What a magnificent specimen. I seriously can’t get over how awesome he is. Look at this epic save:

He’s like the very definition of good times. AND he owns a frenchie which is only my favorite doggie ever to exist in the history of the world.

More of this bad ass motherfucker after the cut.

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Non-Boring Clothing

The fashion world strikes me as pretentious and dull. This probably isn’t surprising coming from a self-declared tomboy, but I simply don’t care about fashion. I don’t know what’s fashionable and what isn’t. I don’t read street style blogs and I’ve never purchased a fashion magazine in my life (though I will buy the March issue of Vogue because my role model for life Tina Fey is on the cover). Sure, I love shopping, but I basically buy the same outfit over and over again with slight variations. I wear whatever doesn’t smell bad and sometimes, if I’m feeling especially lazy, I wear whatever I slept in (like right now).

However, a fashion blog just came into my life and I’m already nothing short of completely obsessed with it. Third and Delaware features fashion highlights from every single episode of Roseanne. Yes, Roseanne. Fuck, I love that show and all the outfits it featured.

To further contradict my usual anti-fashion stance, I will admit that I also have somewhat of a fashion icon, one that goes hand-in-hand with the Roseanne cast.

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Surprisingly Sexy Part Deux

I feel completely disgusting for even questioning this, but, um, is Carrot Top kind of hot? Because I saw him on TMZ – I never paid any attention to any gossip sites or shows other than my beloved ONTD, but I caught it on TV one day and I’ve been hooked ever since (speaking of which, WHO is that dreamy blonde boy?) – and um, he looked delicious. Oh God, even I can’t believe what I’m saying. But it’s true! And when the camera guy asked him, “Does the carpet match the drapes?” he answered with, “No drapes.” Hee hee! I don’t think he photographs well and he looks like he does unspeakable things to a lot of hookers but he also seems to have this weird charm in person.

I know for a fact that my attraction to this man is all kinds of wrong because the comments [taken from various sites] following this photo read “GAG!”, “Some things can never be unseen” and, “My clitoris just shriveled up and died”, among others. What is wrong with me? On second thought, don’t answer that.



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Live Fast, Die Young

Even if they might not realize it, most people are obsessed with famous people and dying. Think about it. I’ve decided to combine the two and blow everyone’s mind. In the spirit of Halloween, here is a list of my all-time favorite Hollywood deaths. Yes, I know this post reeks of insensitivity. Leave me alone.



Chubbuck was a news reporter. She was depressed for a while before her death. This may have been caused by her personal life; she once complained that she was nearing 30 and was still a virgin. Still, she took her job quite seriously. Eventually, one of her news stories was cut in favor of a shoot-out. The station’s owner had tried to convince his staff to focus on ‘blood and guts’.

Three days later, she began her segment as usual, reporting various national stories. She moved onto a story about a shooting at a local restaurant. The film reel wouldn’t run, so Chubbuck said, “In keeping with Channel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in blood and guts, and in living color, you are going to see another first – attempted suicide.” She then shot herself in the ear, live, on air.

The creepiest part is that afterwards, the news director found the script Chubbuck had been reading her newscast from. It included not only her suicide, but also a third-person account to be read by whatever staff member took over the broadcast after she’d shot herself. As she predicted in her script, she was taken to Sarasota Memorial Hospital and was pronounced dead 14 hours later.

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Surprisingly Sexy

Sometimes ugly people can be sexy. And when you think about it, sexy ugly is way more interesting than sexy sexy. Hollywood is packed with stars that aren’t conventionally good looking but ooze a strange sex appeal. Here’s a list of my favorite unsightly dreamboats.



OK, so Cesar isn’t exactly ugly, but he’s definitely not on the same lists as Brad Pitt or Antonio Banderas (btw; ew). Well, that’s because he’s even hotter. That salt and pepper hair, that meticulously groomed goatee, that friendliness and genuine love for doggies! OH, and that accent! I’m melting.

If you think that was a lame choice, don’t worry, it gets uglier.

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Famous Foxes – Women

Two people requested this, so due to overwhelming demand, I’ve decided to compile a list of pretty ladies. Unlike the boys’ list, I’m not posting any Youtube videos. That takes a while and I’m lazy. All you’re getting is photos. Don’t worry, though! Since I think exaggerated airbrushing makes starlets look better than they do (I mean, they look good in the first place! Why turn them into impossible beings?), I’ve decided to give you a little something extra. I’m going to post two pictures – one candid and one from a magazine or a movie poster or whatever. These ten women manage to look beyond ridiculously hot either way.



Hmm, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to add Zooey or Katy Perry to the list. It’s true that they look quite similar. Katy seems about a gazillion times more annoying, but strangely, she appears to be someone I might get along with. Zooey seems a little boring. Still, this list is about looks and Katy paints her face a little too much for my liking, so Zooey wins. 

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Famous Foxes – Men

Warning: this post is an excuse for me to Google and Youtube attractive men. If this seems pathetic to you, go away. 

Alright, ladies. I think it’s fair to say that Hollywood has a lot more sexy women than it does men. Still, some guys are seriously handsome. And no, I don’t mean George Clooney or Brad Pitt or (shudder) Russell Crowe. Here is my Top 10! Please note that I was nice enough to include both photos and videos that will charm your pants off.



OK, cut me some slack here. I am aware that he’s some sort of Disney Star. I also know that he’s in that Jonas Brothers group which, from what I understand, caters to the needs of pre-pubescent girls. BUT I think he’s the oldest one in the band! Surely that makes him 17, maybe 18? Is my crush on him illegal? 

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