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Me Vs The Silver Army

Right now, I have my period, six little pimples (I counted), I’m working an 11-hour shift and I just found my second grey hair. This all happened about a minute ago. I went to the bathroom to tend to my pimples and I noticed it. A long, silver strand that caught the reflection of the light. It looked all flashy. I’m convinced this thing is taunting me.

What am I supposed to do about it?

A friend found my first grey hair two years ago, at 22. It was right in the middle of my bangs. So I plucked it. It grew back. I plucked it. It grew back. What’s the deal here? Can it not grow back brown? Now I’m stuck plucking it all the time. And let me tell you, it’s hard to pluck a hair off your head without ripping 20 others out. They’re all clustered together.

So I attacked this new grey hair with all my might. I couldn’t get to it, though. The other hairs are protecting it. It’s become some sort of force field that I just can’t break through. I had to let it win.

I could probably dye it. I’m torn about that. I really damaged my hair as a teen (due to massive amounts of pharmacy bleach and Manic Panic) and I’m finally back to my natural color. At least I think this is my natural color. I can’t be sure.

There’s only one option left, I guess. I’m going to look up a spell on Google to cast these grey bastards away once and for all. Brace yourselves, silver wisps.



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