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Famous Foxes – Women

Two people requested this, so due to overwhelming demand, I’ve decided to compile a list of pretty ladies. Unlike the boys’ list, I’m not posting any Youtube videos. That takes a while and I’m lazy. All you’re getting is photos. Don’t worry, though! Since I think exaggerated airbrushing makes starlets look better than they do (I mean, they look good in the first place! Why turn them into impossible beings?), I’ve decided to give you a little something extra. I’m going to post two pictures – one candid and one from a magazine or a movie poster or whatever. These ten women manage to look beyond ridiculously hot either way.



Hmm, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to add Zooey or Katy Perry to the list. It’s true that they look quite similar. Katy seems about a gazillion times more annoying, but strangely, she appears to be someone I might get along with. Zooey seems a little boring. Still, this list is about looks and Katy paints her face a little too much for my liking, so Zooey wins. 

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Tattoo Hate

Can people stop bashing other people’s tattoos already? So fucking annoying. Guess what – they didn’t get those tattoos to please you. I realize that people are allowed to have their own opinions and that the Internet is the perfect place to voice them, but this shit is getting annoying. I’m a pretty faithful ONTD reader and I’ve noticed that every single time a Megan Fox (who is absolutely gorgeous, by the way) post comes up, dozens upon dozens of comments are posted about how her tattoos suck. I don’t even think these reactions stem from jealousy – the commenters are just being brutally honest because let’s face it, celebrities’ bodies and their personal decisions on what to do with them are simply items for us to mock and criticize – even if that translates to posting the same comment over and over again.


I’m not even a Megan Fox fan (bad acting – there’s something you can comment on!), but I’m not down with that. I love tattoos. All tattoos.

You could have an abstract Tazmanian Devil wrapped in tribal barbed wire right on your forehead and I wouldn’t mind it. I just think it takes guts, patience and will to sit through having a needle roam in and out of your skin for what can often be hours.

More importantly, tattoos are fun. They’re the best! They make you happy for a long time. I got my first one when I was 16 or so (the shadier places won’t ID you) to make my parents mad. It worked. I probably felt like the world’s biggest rebel and it was just so cool. Well, I’ll admit that six years later, that butterfly didn’t look so cool anymore. I got it covered up with my favorite tattoo yet. 

Anyway, that’s not even my point. You don’t need to cover up your tattoos if you don’t want to. Everyone needs to have one or two corny tats. If you can laugh them off, it shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously and that you’re an awesome person. Plus, they represent a time in your life that might have been really fun. Maybe you like that your flaming dice serve as a constant reminder of the day you rode roller coasters for 6 hours with your then-BFFL and got such a sugar high off the cotton candy you’d been eating that you suddenly thought it would be a super cool idea to go get your first tattoo.

So everyone needs to lay off other people’s ink a little bit because in the end, the person being criticized probably doesn’t even care. Or worse – they’ll listen to what’s being said and start second guessing their choices and become totally unhappy with what they’ve done to themselves and that would be sad. Maybe they’d cry about it. Making someone cry isn’t cool. So chill out.


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