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Road Rage

BadDriverI am fuming. Seriously, I’m so mad right now. I can’t even describe it. Allow me to explain: I was driving to work this morning. Everything was going smoothly. That’s when it happened. The asshat in the SUV next to me decided to change lanes. Fine, no problem, whatever. Except he didn’t signal his turn OR check his blind spot. So, basically, he turned right into me. I started honking like a madwoman. This did not appear to phase him, as he continued driving into my lane even more aggressively. I had to slam on the breaks. Thankfully, there was no one directly behind me.

That bastard. I pulled up beside him at the next light and started telling him to fuck off and die. He and his wife both yelled back and gave me, gasp, the finger.

I hate when people who can’t drive give me shit. They should offer apologetic gestures for their lack of driving skills rather than try to blame the situation on me. I’m pretty cautious on the road. Well, I have to be, considering how crazy Quebec drivers, including but not limited to speed-hungry RDP wops in their souped up Civics, are.

But as polite and careful as I usually am, I also have a mean side. I think it might be road rage. I mean, I’m not mad all the time, but if a driver really pisses me off, I freak out. Once, I got so mad at a cab driver that he got out of his car and started pounding on my window, yelling at me. Also, I honk forever; once I press down on that bitch, I’m leaving my hand there for at least twenty seconds. I’ve lost it on everyone from mid-life crisis-having old men in their convertible Miatas and girls putting their makeup on behind the wheel to old ladies and driving school students.

I’m quite patient in all aspects of life, so I’m sort of puzzled as to why bad road manners get to me so much. Maybe I’ve got all kinds of pent-up frustration that I conveniently release every time a moron cuts me off. Whatever. I don’t even care at this point. I’ve narrowly escaped a bunch of bad accidents because of shitty drivers, so I feel as though I’m allowed to get mad at them.



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