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Dreamboat Alert

Oh man, I’m crushing SO HARD on Shaun White right now. There’s something undeniably attractive about this guy. I’m not even a fan of the Olympics but I love all the press he’s getting. I’ve become slightly obsessed with looking up pictures of him and watching his interviews. What a magnificent specimen. I seriously can’t get over how awesome he is. Look at this epic save:

He’s like the very definition of good times. AND he owns a frenchie which is only my favorite doggie ever to exist in the history of the world.

More of this bad ass motherfucker after the cut.

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Go Habs Go (Away)

I hate crowds, I hate taking the metro and if there’s one thing that really sends me over the edge, it’s taking the metro with a crowd of knuckle dragging hockey fans. Fandom in general freaks me out. I can’t fully grasp why people become so obsessed with their favorite band, actor (those Twilight fans, wtf?) or in this case, a hockey team.

Canadiens fans are fucking annoying and deserve to get shit on. As I wrote this line, three people signed onto MSN with the Habs logo as a display picture. Pathetic. This post is gonna generate a lot of nasty comments, possibly even some hate mail. I don’t care, this needs to be said once and for all. I know I’m not the only one fed up of seeing face-painted, fat drunk guys running wild.

I don’t mind sports and I can understand a certain level of fanaticism when it comes to rooting for your fave team. However, there’s a difference between wearing a hockey jersey on game day and wearing a fucking Habs belt to work, every day. Yes, they sell Habs belts. That’s not the only thing which bears the Habs logo, the list is much longer than you think…

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