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Too Much Information

I’m not really good with words or writing. Well, Melissa thinks I am, but I don’t. Maybe I’m just lazy. I don’t know, I think I’m more of a one liner type. I’m a really good story teller in person, too. That probably explains why I don’t write for the blog as often as I’d like. I have great ideas but when it comes to writing them down, I’m easily distracted. So I’m taking the easy way out. I’ve decided to compile a list of funny moments, weird thoughts, opinions and quotes.

One thing I like to do is text Melissa the grossest things I can think of. I know she appreciates this stuff. Plus, her office is sort of like a call center, so I’m always hoping she’ll read one of these when she’s on the phone and start laughing. Here are some gems I’ve sent her:

“I need to buy undies I perioded on them”

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