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Is Entourage A Good Show?

grenierMysterious commenter Gigi reminded me that a new season of Entourage just started. I don’t know if I’d call myself a fan, but I’ll admit that I was pretty into the first few seasons of the show. Unfortch, it went downhill rather quickly. I’m sad because I once loved Entourage and I love TV and things just aren’t the same. Watching four Seinfeld reruns a day doesn’t cut it anymore (note: I have learned to integrate Roseanne into my television watching and I must say, it’s one of the best shows ever). 

You know when people claim that Entourage is like a Sex and the City for guys? I see it. Who doesn’t, right? And just like that show fed us gossip, sex and shoes, Entourage is all fame, cars and tits. I get the appeal. But after a while, the whole thing becomes yawn-inducing. I find myself watching strictly for Ari and Lloyd. Every other character has become utterly annoying. Especially E. Can he not be killed off? 

Anyway, I watched the premiere on Sunday. I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised, but as expected, I wasn’t impressed. The episode was boring. The dialogue between E and Sloan ran on way too long and sounded totally scripted (I mean, I know it is scripted, but it shouldn’t sound that way). I don’t think I’m very demanding when it comes to entertainment: a good story line, a few laughs and that’s it! But like a bad boyfriend, I’m no longer attracted to Entourage, I can easily predict its jokes and I’m going to look for something better. 

After Zac Efron makes his appearance later on in the season, that is. Better believe I’ll be salivating in front of my TV during that episode.

That is all.

P.S. Can someone tell Adrian Grenier to pluck his eyebrows? They’re distracting me.


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